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13-Dec-2017 16:56

Everyone likes to feel as though they are part of the group, whether they are conversing with others or just listening as they may not have anything particular to contribute.

One way to make everyone feel comfortable is to avoid using native languages that are foreign to others in the group, it's just good social etiquette.

Any concern was addressed in a timely fashion and taken care of with sincerity.

I had left a prescription at a hotel on an excursion off campus.

The Celts were already resident in Britain when the Anglo-Saxons arrived, but there are few obvious traces of their language in English today.

Some scholars have suggested that the Celtic tongue might have had an underlying influence on the grammatical development of English, particularly in some parts of the country, but this is highly speculative.

My friend Sarah made the mistake of asking, “Can I have a bag, please? It’s bad enough to hear these smug shirkers yapping away on the U8 every Friday night.

, chooses five events that shaped the English Language.

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