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04-Feb-2018 04:27

You had worried this might happen, but had decided to risk it anyways. You had just started dating Dan three months ago and had yet to get around to telling him of your idiotic and intense fear of storms. He was in the kitchen currently boiling water to make you tea, and as much as you didn't want him to see you like this, you needed him. You feel his arm move up to around your shoulders and he squeezes you softly. We all have fears," he replies softly into your ear.

Another thunderous noise burst from outside, and you feel your heart race as you squeeze your eyes shut, your arms abandoning the pillow you have clutched to your chest and instead snake around his waist with an iron grip.

It is unknown whether they are still dating, or when they broke up.

Dan's formspring said he was bi, and Phil's Facebook said he was bi.

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