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He is close friends with former co-stars Luke Bilyk and Alicia Josipovic.He has confirmed that he is in fact not dating former co-star Chloe Rose and that they are only co-stars and close friends.In March 2013 Melinda nabbed a Canadian Screen Award for "Best Performance in a Children's or Youth Program" for her role in How to be Indie. She has stated that she is on good terms with all of her cast mates, but she is closest to Jessica Tyler, Dylan Everett, Scott Paterson, Luke Bilyk, Munro Chambers, Alicia Josipovic and Aislinn Paul.Most recently, Melinda co-hosted (alongside Degrassi castmate Munro Chambers) Free The Children's first U. 's Melinda Shankar (Alli Bhandari) and Sam Earle (K. Guthrie) stopped by J-14 offices to talk all about the upcoming 9th season of Degrassi, which premieres this Friday, October 9, on Teen Nick!Melinda and Sam let J-14 in on a few secrets and their fave story lines, plus Melinda told us all about the crazy trauma she had to deal with at her real life school!They were co-stars of "Degrassi", season11 and nominated for Emmy Awards as well When the topic comes between Munro and Annie Clark, the fellow Degrassi star, we might perceive them as being in a serious relationship. Check out this tweet made by one of the Degrassi fans: Talking about the relationship history of Munro Chambers, he dated Vanessa Morgan back in 2008, but the couple eventually got separated.However, nothing regarding their relation has been mentioned anywhere. Even before that, there were rumors that Chambers dated Alicia Josipovic.

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So believe it or not, you see even less clothes on Alli this season.

Canadian teen sensation, actress Melinda Shankar has managed to defy all odds.